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25 Years after...

This was a special project for Legacy Wash since Ms Mary is our wonderful office neighbor. We often see her in the morning walks. One morning while chatting and walking with Mary we noticed how dirty her home was and we decided to help. Ms Mary's home hadn't been cleaned since 1995. It looks brand new now!!

It was not impossible!!

Quen called us regarding paint from his 2nd story wall running on his brick wall. He told us he tried 3 different companies and all of them failed cleaning the paint. We were able to eliminate all paint in the brick wall since we used the proper chemicals. The HOA was impressed , we are working together now

Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Driveway looking dirty and unappealing. We are professional pressure washers. No need to rent a machine and spend the weekend cleaning. Give us a call for a free estimate and fast service.

Guarantee work for 1 year.

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